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86: The Science of the Oral Microbiome and Remineralization with Will of OraWellness

The Science of the Oral Microbiome and Remineralization with Will of OraWellness

OraWellness has long been one of my favorite companies with a mission I really support. My guest today, Will Revak, started OraWellness along with his wife Susan after they found a way to reverse her gum disease naturally. (Most dentists say this is impossible!)

Today, Will and Susan are self-taught experts in holistic oral health and have a thriving company with a fantastic line of natural dental care products. Everything OraWellness makes is based on the science of how the mouth’s biome works naturally, and respects and enhances that balance.

If you’ve ever wondered how to prevent cavities naturally, or how fluoride, triclosan, flossing, or other dental treatments affect your family’s health, this podcast is for you!

OraWellness: A Company to Smile About

If you follow this blog, you probably already know I’m pretty passionate about the topic of dental health. Over the years through my own research I’ve realized how much the oral microbiome directly impacts the gut biome, not to mention overall health.

I’ve shared how I rid myself of cavities, how I changed my family’s dental care routine, and what the research says on both sides of the fence.

I have more than a few kids and life is a little busy, so I’m always grateful when I find a product that is just as good (in many cases, better!) as my homemade remedies. It simplifies life and makes me feel great to support another company whose mission is to give families healthier choices.

OraWellness is definitely one of these companies. Will and Susan are such kind, positive people, and I think you’ll really appreciate their unique take on dental health!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • the intricate connection between your mouth and a healthy body
  • what saliva actually does: it’s so much more than spit!
  • what happens on a microscopic level when cavities start to form, and how to prevent them naturally
  • problems with conventional dentistry (and of course the alternative approach to dental health!)
  • why plaque actually isn’t something our body is doing wrong
  • things that disrupt the proper balance of bacteria in our mouths
  • why you might not want that fluoride treatment after all
  • common misconceptions about gum disease
  • how prominent studies on dental health have been misunderstood
  • why you don’t have to feel too guilty for not flossing every day! (phew!)

Resources We Mention:

Don’t miss Will and Susan’s e-guide, “How to Stop Tooth Decay and Remineralize Your Teeth,” free to Wellness Mama readers through this exclusive link!

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