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At Least Believe


It’s interesting how much this whole “reading my bible” thing helps me out with, ya know, LIFE.

I really focused in today on asking God to turn my eyes away from Worthless things (here) and to help me to get over my weeping (here) and to just BELIEVE.

But then I just kept coming up with nothing at all in my heart that connected with BELIEVE. I mean… I know I’m supposed to, but where does this “belief” come from? I don’t know how to just “get it”. And, obviously, if I was good at the whole believing thing then I probably wouldn’t be calling out to God for help in the first place. I guess I’d just “believe” and POOF He’d heal my heart. (Okay, so maybe that was a little bit of over exaggeration.)

So I went back into the bible and I searched for “believe”. A ton of verses popped up but this one… it’s like I’ve never seen it before or something… seriously… not being sarcastic. As many times as I’ve read that ol’ B.I.B.L.E. of mine, I cannot remember seeing this. But gosh… it grabbed me today. And I heard it with a sassy-Jesus-voice (one of my favs) “Well, geez, January… would you AT LEAST BELIEVE because of the work you’ve seen me do already!?!?!” And wow. Yeah. He called me out on that one!

Cause, yo. Jesus has done some WORK in me already. I just need to look at where He and I have been in my soul and I can BELIEVE that He can do it again.

And maybe that’s the simple message my heart needs to hear. HE’S DONE IT BEFORE. HE CAN DO IT AGAIN.

If I would AT LEAST believe.

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