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After our time in San Francisco and Las Vegas with family, Miguel and I wanted a little leg of the holiday to ourselves, and thought whilst we were on the west coast, it made sense to head to LA and give it another try. 

We’d visited very briefly a few years ago, but didn’t get a particularly good taste of the place – it’s huge and requires a little more exploration than you can fit in a day or two. So we checked in at The Line (more on this soon) and after gawping at the view from our room for a while, we decided we would spend our first day in the city hiking up to the Hollywood sign to get a view of the entire place. 

Getting to the sign was easier than we had thought (the locals and Google Maps don’t make it obvious and actively discourage you from heading the the quickest way), and we stood totally alone as I got my tourist snaps in front of the famous sign. 

Then we decided to head a little further up to see if we could get behind the sign – it was a fairly long walk in the heat and up some big hills, but the view from the top was totally worth it. We sat on the makeshift benches to catch our breath and take in the view as a mysterious voice over a tannoy shouted at people attempting to hop fences and get closer to the sign than they should. 

The sun was going down, but clearly I felt like we hadn’t explored quite enough, and managed to talk Miguel into another hike across to the Griffith Observatory in time for nightfall. This was potentially not the greatest decision I’ve ever made – the route that Google Maps took us on was a little treacherous. The “paths” were tiny and covered in branches and foliage that we had to battle through – clearly not the path well trodden. The light was dwindling, and so was my phone battery. The signs warning of rattle snakes weren’t particularly welcome either.

Nearly three hours later and we’d arrived at the Observatory. Until we got there we felt like the only people looking out on the city, watching the twinkling lights. All of a sudden we were totally surrounded by hundreds of other people taking in the view. After three hours of it, we decided to turn our attentions to the sky rather than the city and made the most of the telescopes turned to Saturn. 

This was probably my favourite day in LA. The others couldn’t have been more different. But more on that in the next post..!

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