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July Name Workout

1 July, 2017 by Christina Russell

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun!

For this month’s workout all you need to do is spell your name.  Each letter corresponds to a single workout move. Do that one and move on to the next letter. Aim to do this 3 times per week.

For those of you with long names, maybe 1 circuit would be just fine. If you have a shorter name, aim for up to 3 circuits each day.

Want to really switch it up? Do your first name on Monday, middle name on Wednesday and last name on Friday. The following week you can use your spouse’s name, kids’ names or parent’s names. Whatever works for you!

Make sure to ink it each day using #BRnameworkout and tag me @bodyrebooted so I can read what you’ve done!

I love this workout! Going to use my first, middle and last name in rotation all month long.

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