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I went into my bible this morning looking for verses about fear. Because even though I don’t want to be, a lot of days I am afraid. Afraid of failure if I try to eat well- cause honestly it’s quite often hard to remember being successful at eating right. Afraid of NOT trying to eat well- cause yesterday I saw his article about how many women die of heart attacks. Afraid that it will be too hard. Afraid that I don’t have God on my side.




When I searched for “fear” I was brought to Psalm 119 and then stumbled across this verse, and I thought, “Whoa. Wait. Fear isn’t my focus. It can’t be my focus. I don’t live in fear. I wasn’t given FEAR in my spirit from God. Fear is a worthless thing. Sugar as a way to cope is a worthless thing. I want to focus on HIM and on HIS WORD. I want to focus on LIFE. I want to focus on HEALTH in my spirit and in my body.”

So, this verse is my prayer for today. “God, I love the life you have given me. I am thankful for this life. Turn my eyes away from worthless things and continue to give me LIFE through your Word. Amen.”

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